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TK / Kindergarten

The first year of elementary school - how exciting! This year is filled with active learning during which students engage in rich curriculum units that are integrated with skills from all content areas. Social learning is a strong component of the TK/K year as students work and play collaboratively, developing their language skills, thinking skills, and organizational skills. Our teachers work with the students in large, small, and individual settings to ensure that learning styles are met and individual needs are addressed.


High achievement has always been a core value at Child’s World School.  Child’s World School’s expectations in all subject areas far exceed the standards outlined by the State of California. Our goal is to prepare your child, not only for elementary school, but for the many years of education to follow. We want your child to love the process of learning - to feel engaged and curious and to give them the confidence that they can accomplish big things. Our TK/K students are soaking in a great deal of knowledge each day, but in a way that is fun and exciting.

Language Arts

Developing our students' vocabulary, as well as a basic foundation of reading and writing is a main goal of our TK/K Program. Language arts are brought into every aspect of our curriculum - from interactive group conversations taking place throughout the day, to class readings, active games, fine motor activities to sharpen our pincer grip, to workbook practice. Children will learn to identify basic sight words, punctuation marks,  basic sentence structure, different elements of a book, understand synonyms and antonyms, and write simple sentences using uppercase and lowercase letters.

Kindergartener doing hands-on math


Our TK/K math program builds upon the solid foundation that children gained in preschool. Now, they are able to learn more advanced mathematical operations, like word problems, estimation, adding and subtracting, counting by 2's and 5's, concepts of time, using a number line, and introduction to fractions.  Our math program combines hands-on activities to teach the children a concept, with workbook work for them to practice the concepts. Children remain engaged through our fun math activities, and also prepare themselves for 1st grade by learning to complete independent work on their own.

Science & Social Studies

Our science and social studies curriculum seeks to expose children to the wonders around them, both big and small. We seek to ignite their curiosity, as they learn about the fabric of our society and basic phenomena.  Children begin to understand and make sense of the world around them - whether it is by learning about our community or digging deeper into the areas of the environment they see each day. While we do incorporate more formal workbook/textbook exercises, our curriculum seeks to bring these often abstract concepts to life through hands on experiments, art projects and in-class presentations.

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Social / Emotional

As our students become older and more independent, our curriculum seeks to help them learn how to take care of themselves, their friends and the world around them.

Our social and emotional curriculum introduces an assortment of developmentally appropriate topics regarding health and safety and respecting ourselves, our friends and our environment. Examples of topics include practicing dental hygiene, the importance of good nutrition, using kind words and cleaning up after ourselves.


Discussing these topics as a group allows our students to have a common language regarding complex topics, which helps them work together to solve problems and relate to one another.

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