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About Us

Mission & Philosophy


Our mission at Child's World is to provide a loving, healthy, safe, fun and nurturing environment for our students.


Focusing on the “Total Child”, our priorities are the development of a positive self concept, mastery of cognitive skills, social, emotional and physical progress, plus inspiring a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

preschooler doing sensory play
preschoolers making music


We understand that the early years are crucial in a child’s development and lay the foundation for his or her journey as a student and productive, well-adjusted human being. We believe that through a variety of hands-on experiences, children learn about themselves, their neighbors and the world in which they live.


Child's World is a community devoted to illuminating a child’s sense of importance and value, where uniqueness and self-confidence can flourish. Our students spend their days exploring the world around them, igniting their imaginations and learning to conquer the challenges they face.

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